I am a transformational musician from the Netherlands. I live with my teenage son Flynn and our Maine Coone foster cat Ubasti in a teeny tiny village close to the southern border. My musical style is singer-songwriter with my own personal twist. I compose all my songs with my guitar in hand. If I write an original song, music and lyrics are all born together. I am also really passionate about putting poetry to music. I can hardly read an interesting poem without hearing music in my head.

My mindset

For as long as I can remember I have been looking for a good feeling place, driven by the desire to be happy. I have tried getting there with lots of sex, lots of food, and lots of TV. All it did was numb the pain, the emptiness, the discomfort. What did work was the art of allowing. Allowing the pain, allowing myself to love me, to be kind, to be patient, to listen, and learn.   

I've had some great teachers along the way, but it wasn't until I found the teachings of Abraham Hicks that I truly understood that it was going to be a never ending journey, so I might as well have fun along the way.    

Studying the Law of Attraction plus finding some other cool tips and tricks have helped me move from feelings of fear, helplessness and despair right up the emotional ladder to joy, fun, and excitement, with increasing peeks into ecstasy.    

With my music I intend to touch, inspire, and assist you in waking up just a little more. One song at a time. It's my mission and my practice.   

What makes me happy?

Making and composing music, obviously.   
My 17 year old son, and supporting his creative projects: right now he is writing an anime series, and practicing his drawing.   

I love 3D art, architecture, felting, polymer clay art, autumn leaves, winter branches and summer sunshine.   
Years of bulimia have fueled my passion for food. I gravitate towards smoothies, salads, soups and superfoods.   
My body loves yoga, hoopdance, hot water bottles, amaroli, lovemaking, body weight training, Access Bars, reflexology, massage, hugs.   


Thank you💗 for being here, on this page and on the planet! Your happiness is important to me too.     

Come, come, whoever you are   
Worshipper wanderer, lover of leaving.   
Come, come whoever you are,   
it doesn't matter.   

Ours is not a caravan of despair,   
even if you have broken your vows a thousand times.   

Come, come, whoever you are.   
Come again, come.   

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī